3. Results

3.     Results
The picture above is a screenshot of our results tabulated.

From our experiments, we found out that we had an average of 107º for the 1.0 cm trial, 110.4º for the 1.5 cm trial, 116.7º for the 2.0 cm trial, 119.7º for the 2.5 cm trial, 125º for the 3.0 cm trial, 130.7º for the 3.5 cm trial, 136º for the 4.0 cm trial, and 137º  for the 4.5 cm trial, thus we started data analysis.

3.1 Sampling Site

The site where we conducted our experiments was at the School Of Science and Technology, Singapore ‘s Engineering Lab.

3.2    Special observations

From the results obtained from the experiments, we found out that the experiment of the 4.0 cm and 4.5 cm, their averages were very close, in fact only by 1º. We think this might have been due to the result of the limiting movements of the wheels.

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