5. Conclusion

5.     Conclusions

5.1     Summary of findings

To sum it up, according to our findings and results from our experiment, the angle that a robot can turn relies on the distance in between each mecanum wheel. If the distance in between the two wheels increases, so the does the angle of the turn of the robot given that the motors are of the same speed and only one side is moving.

5.2    Practical Applications

In the future, cars can incorporate the mecanum drive to increase maneuverability while driving commercial cars, reducing accidents. This can help people a lot for the handling of a the car will be greatly increased and thus they can easily make turns at awkward angles that are necessary to get them out of harm’s way.

5.3     Areas for further study
Further investigation of mecanum wheels’ applications in real life could be done in the form of speed, accuracy and braking time. However, as some of the experiments are of a bigger scale and might need special permits, conducting an investigation may not be possible locally. Meanwhile, conducting experiments on a smaller scale remains a good test bed.

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