Lesson Materials

Parts of a question that determines what is the Research Question

Generation of Research Questions

-----> Is it FEASIBLE ?
-----> Is it MANAGEABLE?


Formulating a Hypothesis
A hypothesis is a prediction of the outcome of an experiment that will pose as a question to be answered at the end of the experiment.
The 3 Variables 
    The Independent Variable 
        ---->The one condition that changes in the experiment
    Dependent Variable 
        ---->What you measure/observe during the experiment
    Controlled Variable 
        ---->The constant variable that never changes in the experiment

Literature Review Plan
---->Search for as many credible articles as possible

Citations (APA Format) 
    ↳Name of author (year of publication) Name of book.  Publishing Location: Publisher
----> Websites
    ↳Name of website (Date Retrieved) Name of website. Retrieved from (weblink)        


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