Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Research Questions

1)Who is doing the project?
2)What are the variables for the project?
3)When will the project be carried out?
4)Where is the project going to be carried out?
5)Why are we carrying out the project?
6)Whom are we carrying out the project for?
7)How are we going to carry out the project?

1 comment:

  1. 1)Roger and Me are carrying out the project

    2)The concentration of sodium chloride in solution that is given to plant and amount of solution.

    3)It will be carried out on Week 3

    4)It will be carried out in the Research Lab under a lamp

    5)We are carrying out this project because we want to improve the cultivation rate of crops beside the sea

    6)We are carrying out ts project for farmers who cultivate crops near the sea.

    7)We are going to carry out this project be placing two green bean seeds in pots in fertile soil under a lamp at all times.Then, pour deionized water in one of them and sodium chloride solution in the other which consists of deionized water and different concentration of sodium chloride. Record times taken for green beans seeds to germinate with different concentrations of sodium chloride.