2. Methods

2.     Methods

2.1     Equipment

- Protractor                                                                  (1)                                       [Acquired]
-Ruler                                (1)                 [Acquired]
- Measuring tape                                                         (1)                                       [Acquired]
- Log Book                                                                   (1)                                       [Acquired]
- Mahjong Paper                        (1)                 [Acquired]
- 3-Pin Plug Adapter {Singapore}                                (2)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX Cortex Microcontroller                                       (1)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAh                  (1)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX Smart Charger v2 w/ Power Cord Options        (1)                                       [Acquired]
- VEXnet Joystick                                                         (1)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 6-Pack       (1)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX 8-Bay AA/AAA Smart Battery Charger              (1)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX 2-Wire motor 393                                               (4)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX Motor Controller 29 2-Wire                                (4)                                       [Acquired]
- VEX Screw 8-32 1.500”                                             (20)                                     [Acquired]
- VEX Screw 6-32 0.500”                                             (10)                                     [Acquired]
- VEX Keps Nut 8-32                                                   (30)                                     [Acquired]
- VEX Axle 5 inch                                                         (4)                                      [Acquired]
- VEX Shaft Collar                                                        (16)                                    [Acquired]
- VEX 2x2x15 Angle                                                     (2)                                   [Need to Order]
- VEX 1x5x15 C-Channel                                             (4)                                   [Need to Order]
- VEX 3-Wire 6-Inch Extension Cable                          (4)                                   [Need to Order]

2.2     Diagram

2.3     Procedures

  1) Build robot with three mecanum wheels arranged in proper order, such that the roller are facing each other in an inward “X” manner, but without the wheel on the front-left side of the   robot and the right 2 wheels are 1cm apart
  2) Connect all the motors to the wheels and the microcontroller(brain of the robot)
  3) Program the robot to respond to a remote such that each side can be controlled  individually
  4) Connect the robot to the remote and test out the program, if robot is able to be controlled by each side, continue on to step 5
  5) Prepare a sheet of mahjong paper and draw a line on the right side of the paper with a pencil, this will be the “”Starting line” such that when the robot is placed over it, the line lines up with the front side of the robot hovering just over it.
  6) Prepare a set of instruments to measure the result (angle of robot turning), such as, a protractor, a pencil, a 15-cm long ruler and and an eraser
  7) Align the front of the robot with the line and turn all hardware on
  8) Get another person to help time the person controlling the robot for one second
  9) Start controlling the robot’s right side for one second and after one second, stop
  10) Draw a line parallel to the front side of the robot with a pencil this will be the “Ending line” and extend the “Starting line” and the “Ending line” such that they meet
  11) Measure the angle at the vertex of the two lines
  12) Record down the results in a table as raw data, later to be properly analysed in a bar graph
  13) Move the wheels 5mm away from each other and repeat steps 7 to 13 until the distance reaches 4.5cm and then stop at 5cm

2.4     Risk Assessment and Management
When we were doing our risk assessment, we found that there was a risk. The risk was the robot ramming into bystanders feet while we were conducting the experiments. Thus, we managed it by making stay away from us while we were doing the experiments.

2.5     Data Analysis
We analysed the data by firstly, looking into the results collated from the experiment. Secondly, we analysed the results by tabulating the results onto a table on a spreadsheet and formed a graph on it. We later looked and the results to ensure our experiment was done properly and decided that we did not need to repeat the experiment. Next, we posted the results onto our research blog. Finally, we concluded the experimental phase by concluding the investigation

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